Marie offers equestrian training on your own horse for individual lessons or a residential course.

Individual Lessons
It would be useful to email to Marie information about your horse –  Age, Sex, Breeding and level participated at, with either yourself or prior owners.

Information about yourself – what level you compete at now and what level you would like to compete at in the future.

Residential Courses
Marie offers two types of residential courses.

Show Jumping Refresher Courses
All levels covered from ponies to horses – novice to top end.

These courses will help identify problems areas and offer solutions to help you and your horse reach your goals. On site training develops your skills and  specific shows will be targeted for show coaching, ring craft and course walking  – all part of the package.

Apprenticeship Courses
Marie is a provider of certified training. She is accredited to the leading and largest Equine Training Provider in the U.K. – Haddon Training which is the preferred and recommended Training Provider for the three Olympic disciplines: British Show Jumping, British Eventing and British Dressage

Marie can apply for you to become part of these training programmes which will give you qualifications in this field.

Guidelines for Apprenticeships;

  • 16-17 year olds maximum 40 hours per week (minimum 30 hours) and compulsory 2 consecutive days off
  • 18+ maximum 48 hours per week (minimum 30 hours per week)
  • Level 2 Horse Care = 12 months
  • Level 3 Horse Care = 14 months
  • Apprenticeship wages apply
  • Accommodation charges = Dependant on employer
  • Livery charges = Dependant on employer
  • Trainer-Coach will visit learner every 4 weeks to assess learning and development or more dependent on learning abilities/additional learning required
  • 20% off the job training (additional riding lessons/training within assessor visits/Theory work for portfolio/Assisting at shows events)