Student Company Endorsement and PR: Total product endorsement with student wearing/using company product at all events

Adverts: Student endorsement can be used on all product literature and press advertisements.

Competition: A competition can be run once a year to win a day at the academy, plus free products – this can coincide with the marketing strategy either regionally or nationally for any corporate company.

Photo Shoots: Marie and the students will be available for photo shoots at pre-determined times to coincide with show jumping schedules.

Celebrity Appearances: Again to coincide with show jumping schedule, students will be available for PR, trade stands and evening functions as a celebrity or host. All students will have undertaken media training to ensure they are personable, well spoken and can communicate well with all levels, making them superb ambassadors for your company.

Press/Radio/TV Interviews: Every opportunity will be taken to incorporate the company name when talking to the media. For example “I would like to take this opportunity to thank my sponsors who manufacture/distribute a great *****.”

Team Credit: The Company can brand the overall team of horses, groom, trainer and riders as Team Company.

Horse Transport: Existing horseboxes can be branded with signage plus company logo.

Horse Clothing: Show rugs will be embroidered with the company name and logo, advertising and endorsing the company brand at national shows. Average number of show days for a national rider would be approximately 50.

Saddle Cloths: Saddle cloths will be embroidered with the company name and logo and worn on the team horses whenever the student is appearing publicly.

Rider Clothing: Grooms/Trainer/Rider over jackets, branded with the company name and logo on front breast pocket position with the reverse of the jacket having the company name across the shoulder blades. Jackets are ¾ length and could be in company corporate colours for maximum identity.

Show Jumping Jackets: The company name can appear on the breast pockets on students Show Jacket. This position is ideal when giving TV interviews as they tend to be focused chest high. Shirts collars will also carry the company Name or Logo. In addition students can hold or wear the product (if viable) again to maximise the opportunity for further publicity.



Plaques will be affixed to the horses stables at international/national shows where the horses are stables overnight using the company name and logo.


Horses can be prefixed with the company name (dependant on length) to maximise exposure both nationally and internationally.

Horses names appear in schedules and pre sales publicity, at shows, and commentary announcements throughout the show duration when competing, for example:

Sure Thing, ridden by Marie Edgars, owned by Mr. T. Edgar


Alternative or in addition to the above, the owner status (which does not affect the legal owner status) can be offered exclusively or shared, for example:

‘Sure Thing, ridden by Marie Edgar,
jointly owned by Everest and
Mr. T. Edgar’

This is dependant on the horse’s owner (in some cases the rider) agreement.

Combination could be:

Everest Sure Thing, ridden by Marie Edgar owned by Team Everest

Horses prefixes £ rates are higher, as the philosophy is to protect horses identities within an ever-increasing commercial world. The phonetic sound of the total name would have a great bearing on whether to choose this option or ownership in isolation. Depending on the companies’ objectives, horse ownership is the softer sell in terms of company name and sometimes would suit the product sell much better.

The British Equestrian Federation would approve any contract.